Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 2.7.0b released. Includes ABC dictionary support!

November 23rd, 2011

The Pro version now includes an in-app product for the superb ABC Chinese-English Dictionary.

Here are the highlights:

  • Over 200,000 Chinese headwords including Simplified & Traditional characters as well as Pinyin pronunciation
  • A total of over 10,000 example sentences including Simplified & Traditional forms and Pinyin pronunciation (but no Traditional)
  • Grammatical information such as Part of Speech and Measure Words

When you search using Chinese characters or Pinyin, Hanping Pro performs a lookup on the ABC dictionary first. If no exact matches are found then the search falls back to the CC-CEDICT dictionary. The icon in the top-left of the screen indicates which dictionary was used to give the current search results.

Please note, this dictionary does not currently include an English index, so searching by English will still only give results from the CC-CEDICT dictionary.  We are looking to improve on this in the near future.

Many of the entries for common words include longer definitions and example sentences. To see some of these, bring up the hsk1 list, click on the first entry (to bring up the Browse screen) and browse down through the words (either using the down arrow icon or the fling-up gesture).

As with app purchases, you only need to purchase the ABC dictionary once to then use on all of your devices. The purchase is linked to your Google account, so any Android device where you are signed into the Google account (and has Android Market, which is used to check the license), will have access to the ABC dictionary.

Android Market issues are the same as with app purchases. If you are in China/Taiwan, you will probably need to do a sim swap to make the purchase. This is a pain but only needs to be done once. Please read this for more details.

Known issues:

  • If you are running CyanogenMod then you may experience a problem in the formatting of the ABC entry (where the indentation is collapsed). This makes longer entries slightly more difficult to read and also results in misaligned highlighting when clicking on links. We suspect most users won’t find this much of a problem and hopefully CM will fix this in the near future.
Available from the Android Market.

19 Responses to “Hanping Chinese Dictionary Pro 2.7.0b released. Includes ABC dictionary support!”

  1. Jonathan Bresler says:

    Thank you very much for this upgrade. But I am not pleased by the pricing. Having purchased both the hard cover ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary, for home use only, and the ABC Chinese-English English-Chinese Dictionary, to carry with me, I am not pleased to the have to purchase a third copy to integrate with Hanping.

    Please consider a discount or other compensation for those that have purchased the dictionary and can show such via credit card bill or other documentation (invoice from Amazon, for instance).

    Thank you.

    • embermitre says:

      Thanks very much for your comment.

      What do you think about the pricing (assuming you have not purchased the dictionary before)? If you compare it to elsewhere, it is very competitively priced, no?

      I totally agree that it should be cheaper for existing ABC purchasers to be able to get a big discount when buying essentially the same content (a bit like the philosophy behind Google One Pass, I believe). Our license doesn’t cover that (as far as I’m aware) but I will certainly ask for this possibility in future (which you may be able to benefit from).

  2. 胖山 says:

    Thank you, I prefer my dictionaries in non paper format and easy to search format hehe. This will make life so much easier and nicer. I think the price is just fine. Considering the gains for not having to carry silly books…

    • embermitre says:

      Thanks very much for your feedback. We will be adding more features in the near future to make the ABC integration even better.

  3. Ron Raffensperger says:

    The Market won’t let me purchase the dictionary. Even with Market Enabler, it sees that my carrier is China Unicom. Is there an alternate way to purchase? (Paypal?)

  4. Andrew Osana says:

    It’s very work for me when I was at China. I would learn more of Chinese character.
    I like to buy this application, but I don’t have any Credit Card just have Paypal account, can I buy using Paypal? Thnx b4.

  5. Andrew Osana says:

    Finally, I found my friend who want to borrow me his CC, I just bought it… 🙂

  6. F I MacIllFhinnein says:

    The ABC Dictionary is a great upgrade, but it isn’t without its drawbacks: all its examples are given only in simplified characters, even if the selection in the app is full-form (traditional) characters. I hope this bug will be fixed soon.

    • embermitre says:

      Yes, the ABC is a great dictionary and indeed it is a shame that only the headwords include both Traditional and Simplified forms. We are looking at ways in how to improve on this…

      By the way, version 2.7.3 (with lots of fixes) is now out so please update if you haven’t already done so!

    • embermitre says:

      A while ago we updated the ABC dictionaries to include both simplified & traditional characters throughout the definitions (including the example sentences).

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  8. sy says:

    i downloaded the pro to my acer iconia a 500 android, and am able to use it offline , i am looking how to buy /download the abc dictionary for offline work, and cant see how to do so, please advise

    • embermitre says:

      In what way are you not able to use the app offline? The only feature that requires an internet connection is Voice Recognition (which is a System feature).

  9. Kannan says:

    I have read about the Hanping Chinese pro, both here and on the Android market. But I still have not found a link on my phone for downloading it and installing it. When I surf with my laptop, I find a site which says HPC Pro, but it warns that the ABC dictionary is not included. There are no directions on how to get both. Please help.

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