Hanping Chinese Dictionary (Pro & Cantonese) 7.0 released

September 9th, 2022

This is a major update that brings a much more powerful search engine (especially for English searches) as well as more useful search results – decompositions, related results etc.

Main changes include:

  • Handwriting and radicals panes, now allow you to see results without having to close it each time. Especially useful in landscape or on a tablet

  • Search results now show tags and stars

  • Convenient related English search buttons below exact match search result. (e.g. person, people, human etc in screenshot below)

  • Brand new history screen where searches are grouped by date. Each item indicates whether it is a textual search (magnifying glass icon) or dictionary lookup Chinese word. You can pin items to the top. You can also delete items individually or by date etc.

    Note: if you prefer the older simpler History style (list format) then you can switch back to that via the Settings
  • Star, tag, audio icons etc have been moved up to be next to the headword. This is a more logical position.

  • Notice how the search box is now always visible. So, no longer need to hit back multiple times just to make a new search
  • Sentence decomposition now shows surrounding text (in faint grey) for context

  • Search results are now grouped according to type of result – e.g. examples, decomposition, prefix, suffix, reverse lookup etc. Use the down arrow to expand each group and see all the results of that type.

  • There’s so much more too, including several bug fixes, particular regarding AnkiDroid export, and updated dictionary entries.

Available from the Google Play Store.

Please email us with your feedback: [email protected]

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